Водородная энергетика


Registration of Participants, Welcoming Coffee Break
Opening and Panel Discussion.

Moderator: Vladimir Nikitenko, Director of the AHK North-West Branch Office, Deputy Chief of the Delegation of the German Business in St. Petersburg

Welcoming Speeches
  • Ute Katzsch-Egli, Deputy Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany in St. Petersburg
  • Vladimir Nikitenko, Director of the AHK North-West Branch Office

  • Jan Dresel, Head of the Hanns Seidel Foundation in the Russian Federation

Development of Ecologically Clean Transport Using Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Sergey Kitaev, Director Advisor, Head of Technical Service, PhD, SUE "Gorelektrotrans"

Igor Landgraf, Deputy Director of the Central Research Institute CET at FSUE "Krylov State Research Center"

Natural Gas and Hydrogen as Drivers of Decarbonization: Uniper's European Experience and Cooperation with Russian Producers

Dr. Grigorij Shevchenko, Senior Account Manager Gas Supply & Origination Projects East, Uniper

The Role of Hydrogen in Tomorrow's Transportation

Christoph Seeholzer, Chairman of the AHK Energy Committee, Chief Executive Director, Linde Severstal

Perspectives on the Development of Green Energy in the Leningrad Region

Anastasia Mikhalchenko, GKU AERLO

An Overview of Fuel Cell Development Projects in Saxony 

Dr. Gert Schlegel, Manager of Communications for the HZwo Innovation Cluster, Saxony 

Infrastructure for Hydrogen Usage: Refueling Stations and Logistics

Prof. Dirk Lindackers, Head of Research Technology, Leibniz Institute for Solids and Industrial Materials (Dresden)

Hydrogen Production for Mobile Purposes

Hans-Ulrich Werner, Executive Director Metaliq GmbH

Green Hydrogen - The Future of Energy, Industry and Shipping

Ingo Egloff, Chairman of the Board of the "Port of Hamburg Marketing" Association

End of the Event


Dr. Grigorij Shevchenko Uniper

Anastasia Mikhalchenko, GKU AERLO

Sergey Kitaev Gorelektrotrans

Igor Landgraf Krylov State Research Center

Dr. Gert Schlegel

Prof. Dirk Lindackers

Leibniz Institute for Solids and Industrial Materials

Hans-Ulrich Werner
Metaliq GmbH

Ingo Egloff
Port of Hamburg Marketing" Association

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